Governing Bodies

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board consists of Georgian and foreign scientists in the field of law.

The Editorial Board consists of at least 12 members out of which academic staff shall not exceed the half of the members.

The Editorial Board includes the Editor-in-Chief and the Editor of the journal.

The Editorial Board is appointed by the university’s rector upon nomination of the board of the faculty of law of the university.

The Editorial Board can make its decisions through online meeting, as well as by expressing the position via official e-mail.

The Editorial Board makes a decision with simple majority. If the votes are divided, then the vote of the Editor-in-Chief prevails.

The Editorial Board:

  • defines academic standard of the articles and criteria of selecting the articles
  • defines the editorial policy of the journal
  • gives approval for the publication of the articles in the journal


Editor-in-Chief and Editor

The journal has an Editor-in-Chief and an Editor, who are appointed and dismissed by the rector of the university after being nominated by the board of the faculty of law of the university.

The Editor-in-Chief:

  • Manages the editorial policy of the journal
  • Leads the Editorial Board of the journal
  • Divides functions between the members of the Editorial Board and other staff of the journal
  • Appoints the reviewers for each article
  • Represents the journal in the relations with the third parties

The Editor performs the activities within the framework of the functions defined by the Editor-in-Chief and replaces the latter when he/she is unable to perform his/her duties.